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The University of St Andrews Charities Campaign is the official charitable subcommittee of the St Andrews Students' Association.
REG. number: SCO19883


Halls of residence play an important part in fundraising at St Andrews. Each hall elects a charity rep, who sits on the hall committee and organises events throughout the year, either to raise money for the 3 official University Charities or for charities voted on by the hall. Past events have included everything from pub crawls to homemade art auctions, so there is plenty to get involved with! At the end of the year, the Hall Coordinator awards the prestigious Hamilton Shield to the hall that has done the most to raise money. The Halls coordinator is also responsible for organising competitions between halls throughout the year, with previous examples including football tournaments and capture the flag competitions. Contact your hall charity rep or alternatively the Halls Coordinator (awms) if you have any questions or want to get involved!



St. Regulus Representative

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